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Tree care experts of Naples, FL share a checklist of spring tasks for tree health.

What To Do To Help Your Trees Grow To Their Full Potential

Trees are of course the longest lived plants on the earth. Because they can even outlive people, people often think that they don’t need much care. While well established trees may not need a whole lot of attention, there are things that a homeowner can do to help their yard look its best. This article will cover the checklist of things to do to help trees grow as healthily as possible.

Spring Cleaning: What To Do Before Growth Starts

As the weather gets warmer, people tend to want to be outside to stretch their legs, this is the perfect time for a bit of spring clean up. Dead branches and leaves can make a mess of the yard and prevent new growth. Cleaning up is a good way to examine trees for dead branches and signs of pests.

Below are a few pieces of advice that will help you in the early stages of spring tree care.

  • Examine tree for dead branches or signs of pest infestation
  • Clear dead branches and other decaying things from the yard.
  • Use sterilized tools to trim and prune.
  • Tree pruning and tree trimming should be done before new growth begins so the tree doesn’t go into shock.
  • Don’t over prune. This can kill the tree instead of helping it.

Nourishment: Keeping Trees Healthy in the Prime Growing Season

After the yard is cleaned up and the trees and plants are starting to sprout and show new growth, the real day to day tree health care begins. Testing the soil, applying mulch and fertilizer, and watering trees properly make for the best possible growth.

  • Soil Testing: Soil testing should be done in order to determine the mineral content of your soil and what type of fertilizer your plants and trees might need. This is best done by a tree service company.
  • Fertilizer: If your tree needs a boost of nutrients, fertilizer can be a good thing. It is sort of like a vitamin, too much can actually be harmful, especially to young trees. Use organic fertilizer and depend more on compost and mulch to enrich soil.
  • Mulch: Organic mulch is a great addition to any garden. Not only does it supply a slow and steady stream of soil nutrients from its decay, it also helps insulate the ground around the roots in order to prevent moisture loss and exposure to extreme temperature changes. Mulch should be applied on the roots of the tree, not on the trunk. It should look a bit like a doughnut around a stick.
  • Water: Even established trees can use a drink from the hose when the weather is dry. Trees should be watered with a soaker hose to allow for deep penetration of the moisture to the tree’s roots.

Planting New Trees and Hiring an Arborist

All of these activities can be done by a local arborist who can also identify tree disease and make a tree risk assessment. When you are considering planting a new tree, consulting with a knowledgeable arborist is really a great way to choose a tree that will thrive in your area. Don’t just consider them for tree removal, tree service companies can help with keeping your trees green, growing, and in the ground.

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