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Arborists in Naples, FL share a basic overview of mulch for homeowners

Understanding Mulch

Many people worry about the aesthetic of their homes and the health of their trees. One way people seek to improve both is through mulching. It is critical for homeowners to understand what mulch is, the different types of mulch, why it is important, and how to properly mulch. This article will cover all of those topics and more.

Let’s begin with a basic definition. Mulch is a material that plays a critical role in soil maintenance. It can be made from different types of materials and is typically placed on top of soil. Mulch provides many different benefits that all contribute to healthy trees, which is why many homeowners incorporate it in their summer tree care efforts.

Variations of Mulch

What types of material is mulch actually made of? Well, broadly speaking there are two main types of much. The first type is organic mulch, which comes from naturally occurring materials like compost, grass, paper, straw, wood, or related materials. Given the nature of these materials, they will decompose into the soil over time.

The second type is inorganic mulch, which does not occur naturally. Instead, it is made from synthetic materials like rubber or plastic. Since this mulch is not naturally occurring, it will not decompose over time.

Importance of Mulch

Mulching is extremely beneficial if done correctly. This is because mulch itself, and the presence of mulch on top of soil, has significant benefits when it comes to soil quality and overall tree health care. Here are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Adds nutrients – when mulch (organic, in particular) breaks down into the soil, it provides a large number of nutrients that helps with tree growth and overall tree health
  • Insulation – when placed overtop the soil, it can provide insulation to prevent water from evaporating too quickly; this not only lessens the need for excess irrigation, but it also helps with temperature control
  • Physical protection – in combination with insulation, it also provides a barrier from things like lawnmowers that can often damage tree roots and tree trunks
  • Root growth – in combination with helping overall tree growth, it helps particularly with root growth, as the roots will not only grow better within the soil, but they will also grow up into the mulch

There are many other related benefits of mulch, but these are the main ones. It is no wonder that so many homeowners use mulch!

Ensuring Effective Mulching

The last question then becomes: how does one mulch effectively? While a lot goes into proper mulching, there are some key guidelines that homeowners must follow. These include:

  • Volume and depth – homeowners should only place mulch 3-4 inches deep across a particular surface, and they should pre-calculate how much mulch they will need based on the area they intend to cover
  • Time of year – homeowners should mulch mainly in the winter for insulation purposes and the spring/summer for soil quality purposes; mulching outside those times will limit the actual impact

If homeowners have little experience with mulching, they should consider hiring a professional tree service company to help out. Many people think of these companies as only doing things like tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, and tree risk assessments, but they can help out with mulching too. They can ensure effective placement and give homeowners additional tips on how to care for their trees!

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