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Florida-based arborists share tests for determining the state of your tree’s health.

How to Tell if a Tree is Dead or Just Dormant

Though at this point in the year the deciduous trees in most parts of the country have lost their leaves and will not see them again for several months. When spring does roll around and a tree isn’t showing any signs of life, there is potential for a problem. Could the tree be dead or is it dormant? If you know what to look for you can prevent damage to a tree that may look dead but is actually just sleeping in a bit. 

Defining Dormancy

During the winter months, trees drop their leaves and go into a sort of hibernation. In the same way animals hibernate because of the scarcity of food, trees use the winter months to rest and use less energy because their food source, sunlight, is also less available. Though these trees look like they are incapable of regrowth, they are sure to rejuvenate in the spring.

Signs of Life: Dormant, not Dead

Even if a tree is not showing signs of leafing out, there may not be any cause for concern. Trees can be up to 4 weeks behind each other in sprouting growth in the spring. If you are growing anxious about the state of a particular tree, here are a few indicators that show a living, healthy tree:

  • Flexible limbs: Limbs bend easily and do not break.
  • Buds: Even in the wintertime, there will be small growths on the terminal end of branches.
  • Inner layer: Underneath the bark, a branch should be damp and greenish. 

Dormant Tree Health Care

There are several reasons why a tree may be behind its fellows. If you believe there is cause for concern, a tree health assessment by a reputable tree service company is probably the first place to start. Lack of nutrients, insufficient water, or disease may be to blame for a tree’s dormancy.  Mulching, watering and perhaps even tree trimming or tree pruning may help the tree reach its full potential and bud. Most likely, though, the dormant trees just need a little extra time.

Signs of Death: Dead or Dying Trees

Sometimes trees are just nearing the end of their life. That leafless branch may actually be evidence of tree decline.

Here are a few signs that a tree may be dying:

  • Brittle, dry limbs
  • Missing large patches of bark
  • Fungus growing on branches
  • No buds evident
  • Dry and brown layer of wood underneath top bark layer

Tree Safety and Removal

If a tree is dead or dying, a certified arborist can help you determine the best course of action. The arborist will perform a tree risk assessment and provide you with the proper information to make a decision on the next steps. A dead or dying tree should be removed as soon as possible in order to prevent damage to property or people. Tree removal should be done by a professional tree service company to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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