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Tree service experts in Naples, FL give homeowners DIY tips for taking care of their trees and shrubs. 

Trees are organisms that are trapped in two worlds. A few centuries ago, trees would’ve had little stress put on them by the artificial environment created by mankind. Now, trees have to adapt to live in harmony with the new world around them. For the most part, trees have made the transition surprisingly well. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little extra help from time to time to make sure they are growing vigorously. 

This spring, don’t forget to give trees a good start. Take this advice from a local tree service and apply fertilizer to trees and shrubs. By giving trees a boost in the spring, tree owners can expect a strong and beautiful tree during the summer. 

Why is Fertilizer Important?

Fertilizer is an artificial analog for the nutrients a tree would find in nature. Think of it as a protein shake supplement for trees. In many locations, trees are limited in their ability to take up nutrients. Whether it’s landscaping or structures like sidewalks and driveways, the roots of the trees are unable to reach out and find food. Fertilizer stands in the gap and gives trees what they need when they would otherwise be deprived. 

Fertilizer provides nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to trees. These three building blocks are essential to healthy growth. Nitrogen is a key ingredient in chlorophyll, the food factories of trees that give leaves their green look. Phosphorus is the backbone of DNA for trees so it needs plenty to grow strong and flower. Potassium protects the tree from infection like an immune system. Together, these nutrients provide most of what a tree needs. 

Benefits of Fertilization

Since fertilization is a nutritional supplement for the tree, the benefits of fertilizing a tree mimic the benefits that a tree would have in the natural environment. With the right nutrition, trees can thrive even beyond what they would out in nature. When good fertilization is practiced, tree owners will notice: 

  • Stronger rooting
  • Higher levels of foliation
  • Rapid growth
  • Strong branches and trunk development
  • More numerous flowering and fruiting 

When to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs

Most of the things that are done to help a tree have a season that is best to do the task. For example, tree trimming is best done in the winter when the chance of infection of the wounds in the tree is at its lowest. Tree pruning on the other hand is best done in the early spring to encourage stronger growth. Fertilization is no different and the timing can have vastly different effects on the tree. 

Applying fertilizer in the spring is essential for strong growth during the summer. If fertilizer is applied too late, it can interfere with flowering and fruiting. In the early spring, the tree absorbs the nutrients and stores them for use during the rapid growth of the later spring. Apply general-purpose fertilizers underneath the edges of the tree’s canopy according to the directions on the packaging. 

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