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Naples, Florida based plant health care professionals want you to know about invasive plants and how they ruin the delicate ecosystem.

What Are Invasive Plant Species and What Can Be Done About Them?

Because of its warm climate and its exposure to traffic from so many different places in the world, Florida is an area of the country that is particularly vulnerable to invasive species, both in plant and insect form. While this is most often the result of unintentional transport, it still creates a problem for the state’s fragile ecosystems and native plants.

When is a Plant Considered an Invasive Species?

Any non native plant can become an invasive species, but not all are invasive species. There are particular characteristics that help classify a plant as invasive. Again, these plants often come to these shores in shipments of other goods and even by  hitching a ride on travelers. Sometimes people do plant something on purpose in their own yard that can then  distribute seeds and propagate in the wild. Some identifying characteristics of invasive species include the following:

  • Non Native: An invasive plant or tree does not originate in the area it is growing.
  • No Checks and Balances: An invasive plant has no natural mitigation such as birds and other animals that eat it or its seeds/fruit.
  • Fast Growing: Invasive species are often fast growing. For example, kudzu can grow up to a foot a day.
  • Smothers Native Species: Invasive plants and trees do not play well with the native plants. They steal resources and crowd out natural variety, creating a restricted environment where only a few things can live.
  • Detrimental to Other Forms of Life: Animals can be in trouble when their food sources are crowded out by invasive plants and trees.

Some of the Most Invasive Plants and Trees in South Florida

Below is a list of invasive plants and trees. Some of these are even beautiful in their own right, but do not belong here. Many of these species are causing serious issues in the state’s swamps and waterways, depleting oxygen supplies and strangling other plants.

  • Air Potato
  • Aquatic Soda Apple
  • Australian Umbrella Tree
  • Camphor Tree
  • Crested Floating Heart
  • Elephant Grass
  • Guava
  • Kudzu
  • Skunk Vine
  • Water Lettuce
  • Water Hyacinth

Dealing With Invasive Species in Your Own Backyard

If you have noticed any of these non native plants in your yard, or if you have planted any of them yourself, it is not too late to do something about it. The most important thing is to keep the seeds from spreading and propagating. This can be a very difficult task, but homeowners can find help from a reputable local tree service company.

An arborist can help you find and remove invasive species from your yard. Tree removal, after all, is one of their specialties. They can also suggest similar native plants to grow in place of the invasive ones. This is important to the health of not only your trees and plants, but to the plants and trees surrounding your property.

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