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Naples, Florida-based tree service experts share tips and benefits of spring tree pruning.

When Springtime is the Right Time for Tree Pruning

As spring is getting into full swing, people may wonder if it is too late to begin pruning their trees. While it is normally recommended that trees be trimmed in their dormant stage, that is, late fall to very early spring, there are many benefits to making a few cuts later in the season. Certain types of trees actually do better with springtime pruning. All this is discussed in the article below. 

Reasons To Prune Trees In The Spring

There are certain risks to trimming your trees after they have started to bud and leaf out. It can hinder the growth of the tree for the rest of the year if too much is trimmed, so remember to trim less than 10% of the branches. This is a good time for some minor aesthetic shaping without over-trimming. 

A few of the other benefits are listed below:

  • Early Disease Detection: Pruning usually involves a fairly close examination of the tree’s limbs which means you will notice if one is dead or if leaves look malformed. This can be pruned back before the whole tree is affected.
  • Sunlight Access: Removing limbs prevents overcrowding and allows the remaining branches better access to sun and to air. Though having fewer leaves can make the tree work harder for nutrients, clearing out branches can mean more nutrients can be produced because the leaves within the crown are getting more light.
  • Avoids Pests: Pruning at the beginning of spring may keep pests from settling in the tree.

Types of Trees That Are Best Pruned In The Spring

Many of the trees that grow well in Florida thrive on spring pruning. It is always best to have professionals perform the pruning because even the trees like spring cutting can be over-pruned. Professionals know when and where to cut to avoid killing the tree or leaving it vulnerable to tree disease and pests.

A few of the trees that prefer spring pruning are listed below.

  • Chokecherry
  • Dogwood
  • Flowering plum
  • Lilac
  • Magnolia

Some trees should be left alone at this time of year including oaks, sycamores, and elm trees. These trees, if pruned in any time other than winter, can fall to diseases that are common among their species such as oak wilt and anthracnose.

Consult An Arborist

The best way to deal with spring pruning or tree trimming is to ask the advice of a tree service company. Their certified arborists can provide the proper tree care to keep your yard beautiful and danger free. Whether it’s tree health care you are concerned about, or you have a tree in need of tree removal, these professionals have the training and equipment to deal with the issue. Maybe it is time to plant some new native trees or for a tree risk assessment. These tasks, when performed by a professional, will give any homeowner peace of mind about their yard.

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