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Tree service experts based in Florida tell their customers how to identify a problem tree.

Signs a Tree Surgeon or Arborist Needs to Check Out Your Tree

Trees are the longest-lived and perhaps easiest to care for plants. Once they are established they need minimal attention as compared to other plant health care. Even trees cannot be completely ignored though. They give calls of distress in their own ways and people need to pay attention to prevent not only the death of a tree but possible damage to property and personal injury. This article states how trees let their owners know that something isn’t working as it should.

Calls for Help in the Tree Branches

The most obvious way a tree demonstrates a health issue is through the leaves and branches. Since this is the primary source of energy for a tree, problems with the leaves constitute problems for the whole tree. Even if the tree is healthy, a visit from an arborist may significantly help the tree to thrive. Any of the signs below show that the tree is due for a checkup.

  • Few Leaves: If the tree should be fully leafing out and the leaves seem small, deformed, or absent entirely, this is a clear indication of a problem with the tree. This can be a result of disease, pests, or a lack of proper nutrition. 
  • Dead Branches: If a tree has dead branches, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tree is dying, but it may need to be trimmed or pruned. Branches may die due to physical damage or some sort of nutrient conservation by the tree. In order for the tree to thrive and avoid pests and infections, an arborist will need to provide a tree risk assessment and prune the dead or dying branches.
  • Crown Size: If the tree seems to be getting too big for the yard it may need to be assessed by a tree service company. If the crown (top part of the tree) is blocking light to areas that were previously sunny, this may cause a problem for the ecosystem of the entire yard.
  • Overgrowth: Branches growing too close together can lead to friction and damage that can lead to dead branches. Crowded branches can actually inhibit further growth. This is the sort of thing that can be avoided by proper professional tree pruning.

Calls for Help in the Tree Roots

Because the tree’s roots are hidden beneath the ground, it is often hard to know if something is wrong. There are several signs that indicate that trouble may be brewing beneath the surface of the dirt. The following issues may show that an arborist needs to investigate:

  • The tree is leaning.
  • There are roots invading the home’s pipes.
  • There are signs of root damage.

Erosion, digging, and fungal infections can result in serious tree health issues. Nutrient reduction makes trees less able to produce leaves, flowers, or any form of growth. Even if a healthy tree is invading the pipes, an arborist may be able to save the tree from being completely removed and still save the home’s plumbing. 

What the Pros Do

Consulting with an arborist will keep your entire property in good shape. They will be able to tell you what is best not only for the individual trees in your yard but also for the yard and neighborhood as a whole. Tree health care is important to the health of the entire world, so help that reputable nearby tree service company save the world one tree at a time.

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