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Naples, FL arborists want to share important tree removal information with homeowners. 

Do Homeowners Need a Permit For Tree Removal?

Regardless of who removes a tree, the person doing the tree removal has to have a permit to do so. Sometimes, homeowners like to take things into their own hands when it comes to fixing or updating things around the house and tree removal is one of these things. However, it is significantly safer and more convenient for homeowners to simply hire a professional. The most obvious reason to do so is the fact that the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about getting a permit because the professional does that for them. Before homeowners have their trees removed, they need to be sure that is what they really want to or need to do. 

Below are tips on when to remove a tree and how to get a permit for the homeowners that like to do things on their own. 

Reasons To Remove a Tree

Homeowners often have multiple reasons why they want or need to remove a tree in their yard but here are some viable reasons if the homeowner tries to obtain a permit on their own: 

  • It is old
  • It is dead
  • The tree creates too much shade and kills the lawn
  • It has a lean
  • Broken limbs
  • Growing too close to the home
  • There’s a crack in the trunk 
  • The tree is sick or unhealthy 

All of these reasons are good reasons to remove a tree from the lawn but it doesn’t stop there. Homeowners must consider a few more things before the tree removal process takes place and getting a permit is one of those things. 

How To Get a Permit

Before obtaining a permit to cut down a tree in Naples, it is important that homeowners are aware of the laws that require them to have a tree on their property. Based on the square footage of the property, there is a certain number of canopy trees, native trees, and palm trees required. If the homeowner tries to remove a tree, they might not be able to if it conflicts with the above-mentioned laws. 

That said, the initial permit application for tree removal is rather easy to find and fill out. The person will be subject to an application fee and will most likely have to fill out multiple other forms to receive a few different permits along the way. However, if homeowners make sure they have all the proper permits, they can go ahead and remove a tree from their yard. That said, there is a chance the homeowner could overlook a permit and be charged extra for not having it. 

Hiring an arborist is the best way to ensure the homeowner doesn’t overlook a permit and the tree removal process is legal. There is a lot of information to read and a professional will know exactly what type of permit is necessary because they remove trees all the time! 

Permits Aren’t Needed With An Arborist

The greatest thing about hiring an arborist, aside from their expertise and experience, is the fact that they jump through all the hoops so the homeowner doesn’t have to. 

When it comes to tree removal there are a lot of things that need to be considered, including: 

  • Whether or not the tree is protected by the state
  • How old the tree is
  • The type of permit necessary to remove the tree and how to obtain the permit
  • Insurance, just in case there is an accident on the job
  • Other possible fees required by the state

The arborist handles all of these things and more so the homeowner doesn’t have to deal with it. All the homeowner has to do is sit back and watch! Of course, there are some arborist companies that try to do the removal without obtaining permits or insurance so it is important that homeowners always ask to make sure the professionals have the proper paperwork before starting the job. 

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