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Trees can beautify property as well as provide suitable homes for friendly critters, say Florida-based tree service professionals.

Wildlife-Friendly Trees To Ornament Florida Homes

Most people enjoy going to the zoo and seeing animals. The beauty of the state of Florida is that we can have many different types of animals in our own backyard. A Floridian can set up a backyard to attract animals and they will have their own little animal show every day. Of course, knowing what to plant to attract the animals that you want may be a problem, but it can be easily dealt with by consulting with a local arborist. They can make suggestions and will be able to advise a homeowner on the best trees to use and whether a species they want to use is native or not. 

Trees and Shrubs That Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds

With their delicate wings and bright colors, butterflies are nearly always welcome in a garden. Jewel-bright hummingbirds are often attracted to the same types of flowers and can add a beautiful energy to a garden. Obviously, both of these animals need flowering trees which will add lovely ornamentation to an outside space anyway. Here are some of the trees and shrubs that are native to Florida that attract pollinators:

  • Virginia Willow
  • Coral Bean
  • Geiger Tree
  • Swamp Azalea
  • Red Bottlebrush
  • Weeping Bottlebrush

Trees and Shrubs That Attract Birds

Many of the trees that attract hummingbirds and butterflies to their flowers attract other creatures with their fruit. There are also a large variety of native trees that attract birds for their nesting branches and for their nourishing seeds. Some birds prefer taller trees, but many like to nest and feed in dense shrubs. Their excrement propagates plants and trees and they can add a level of pest protection as well for garden plants by eating bugs. Here are a few trees that birds are particularly fond of:

  • Beautyberry: This tall shrub has bright purple berries that birds adore. They are late producing, so they feed the birds into the winter season.
  • Dahoon Holly: This evergreen tree can reach heights of 40 feet, and as the name suggests, the female variety of this tree produces bright red berries that feed the birds into the winter months. The Yaupon Holly is a shorter tree that provides similar winter food.
  • Sparkleberry: This large (20 feet tall) shrub is a variety of blueberry and is the largest native blueberry species in Florida. The berries are edible but not as flavorful to the human palate as other varieties.
  • Red Mulberry: This hardy tree is covered with dark reddish to purple berries in the late spring and early summer. Birds swarm these trees and it is best to keep cars and lawn furniture out from under them during this season or they will constantly need to be cleaned.

Trees and Shrubs That Attract Mammals

Trees with berries often attract more than just birds. The red mulberry is the perfect example of this. Squirrels and other small mammals love mulberries as well. Mulberries do occasionally need tree trimming or tree pruning to help with berry production. Some of the other trees that draw squirrels and rabbits (and more) are the pignut hickory, the chickasaw plum, and the highbush blueberry.

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