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There is no time to waste when it comes to tree care! All homeowners should know this professional information.

It’s Time To Get Those Trees in Shape

When it comes to tree care maintenance there is no time like the present. Naples locals can see some pretty intense weather at times, which makes professional tree care that much more important. This New Year homeowners can take the below professional information to ensure that their trees are healthy all year round. Whether it be printing fertilizer or just a poetry assessment, local professionals are there to help homeowners every step of the way. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of regular tree care is that it ends up saving homeowners money in the long run.

To learn more about this continue reading below.

Cut a Little Off the Top

What a tree gets top-heavy it becomes an emergency. It is important that homeowners have their trees regularly pruned in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Some common signs that a tree needs to be pruned are:

  • Dead branches
  • Broken branches hanging in the top part of the tree
  • Loose branches

Essentially, if the homeowner is looking at the top of the tree, and can barely see through the branches, it is probably time to have the tree pruned.

It’s Time To Eat Right

Just like humans, trees require the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Normally, trees get their nutrients after the leaves fall and it decomposes. This decomposition process provides the tree with all of the nutrients that it needs. However, most people rake away the leaves soon after they fall. As a result, the tree does not get the nutrients it requires.

The quickest and easiest way to fix this problem is with fertilizer. Many homeowners aren’t willing to leave the leaves all over their yard and some neighborhoods even require the leaves to be picked up.

Hope there’s should consult before applying fertilizer because some trees do not from yearly fertilizing.

Find Time For More Grounding Exercises

Another great way to care for trees that is relatively easy and cheap to do is by re-mulching around the base. Mulch holds in the necessary moisture that the tree roots require for healthy growth. The winter months are notorious for being cold and dry, so the mulch ax as a protective barrier against this. Simultaneously, it provides the necessary environment the tree needs to maintain but also enhances the growth of the root system.

Remember, Life’s Too Short To Stress

Annual Tree Care and tree assessment are two long-term things that every homeowner should be doing to care for the trees on their property. Stress can easily compromise a tree and leave it more susceptible to disease and even death. Not only are trees important for the sustainability of the ecosystem but they are important for the property value of homes as well. Yearly assessment keeps the tree happy but it also keeps money in the homeowner’s pocket.

Homeowners can contact their local professionals for more information!

Any Town Tree Get the Job Done

Any Town Tree is the tree professionals Naples homeowners can rely on.  They work hard to ensure that their customers are always satisfied and that the job is done right the first time. When homeowners hire these professionals, they can rest assured that they are in the right hands. The arborists at any Town tree know how frustrating it can be to have an unhealthy tree. Call today to schedule an appointment!