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These trees will give any home value a healthy boost, say Naples, FL tree care experts.

Enjoy Curb Appeal Even a Realtor Will Love With These Trees

One of the most beautiful states in the entire United States of America, Florida boasts some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna. With spectacular subtropical weather and rich soil, Florida is an ideal place for growing plants and trees. When it comes to residential landscaping the options are very nearly endless. Trees are not only attractive but long-lived and are often much easier to care for than many smaller plants. They make an easy form of home improvement and can give a home the look that might just increase the property value to a potential buyer.

It is always a good idea to consult with an arborist before purchasing a tree or considering landscaping. Knowing the particular tree health care needs in your particular area of the state may be helpful in making a choice about what tree to invest in. Tree pruning, tree trimming, and the space needed to accommodate a particular tree should all be areas of consideration when one is looking into landscaping trees. This article discusses three different types of trees that can be used to great aesthetic effect in any Florida home.


While this name is normally associated with the small indoor potted tree, the ficus is actually an exceptional shade tree when placed outside and allowed to grow. There are several different native species of the ficus in our state Florida. This includes the fig tree, which produces a tasty fruit with many uses.


  • More than 30 varieties to choose from
  • Easy to care for
  • Enduringly popular
  • Good shade
  • Can be fruit-bearing (fig) 
  • Native tree that can grow anywhere in Florida


  • Slender branches and trunks that can be weak in wind
  • Some varieties need a great deal of space


The magnificent magnolia isn’t just a decorating company or a movie with Sally Field, it is a centerpiece for beautiful landscaping. These tall, strong trees are known not only for their large, dark green, shiny leaves but primarily for the stunning white blossoms that bloom in the summer. They are highly fragrant and are the size of two cupped hands. 


  • Fast-growing
  • Evergreen
  • Beautiful, fragrant blooms
  • Great shade from the dense canopy


  • May need pruning for low hanging branches
  • Prefers moderate shade and loose soil
  • May require watering


The maple tree is a fairly hardy tree that grows successfully throughout the country and even the world. This is one of the loveliest of the deciduous trees in the fall when its leaves turn to brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. There are several species that are native to Florida including the red maple. 


  • Generally easy to care for
  • Grow quickly
  • Drought tolerant
  • Attractive shape without pruning
  • Lovely fall colors
  • Good shade trees


  • Mildly susceptible to certain pests and diseases
  • Relatively weak trunk and branches

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