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Florida-based tree care experts give guidance on how to care for trees during the spring months growing season.

How Much Water Do Trees Need?

While people tend to regularly remember to water plants and garden plots, sometimes people think that watering trees is unnecessary due to their size and deep root system. This is completely false, however. Trees need to be watered and maintained just as garden plants do. They are not perhaps as susceptible to the dry summer air that is just around the corner, but they still need care to thrive.  

Watering Young or Newly Planted Trees

Young trees are particularly in need of regular watering. It may take up to three years for the roots to be fully established, and the tree will need extra support until then. Here are a few tips for helping those young trees in their first years of life:

  • Use a soaker hose to allow small amounts of water to thoroughly penetrate the soil surrounding the tree.
  • Concentrate the watering slightly away from the trunk
  • Do not overwater. 
  • Allow the soil to dry between waterings, which should be about twice a week if there is no rain.

Watering Mature and Established Trees

Mature trees do not need as much care as those that are newly planted, but they should not be ignored. They may not need the regular supplemental watering required by young trees, but if there has not been much rain allowing them a slow soak could be greatly beneficial. Even more important with mature trees is to water away from the trunk in order to reach the outlying roots and to prevent overwatering that can lead to fungal infection in the roots and the bowl of the trunk.

Other Aspects of Spring Tree Care

While water is essential for the life of these plants, watering is not the only way to care for plants and trees. The spring is the prime growing time and plants need more than just water to thrive. The other ways to help your landscaping and garden plants are listed below:

  • Mulching: Adding mulch not only helps prevent water loss but also slowly adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. Correctly placed mulch can also insulate soil against extreme temperature changes.
  • Debris Removal: If the organic detritus from the autumn and winter has not been cleared from around the tree, it can promote pests and fungal issues.
  • Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming: Pruning is cutting that is done for the health of the plant, while trimming is done for aesthetic and convenience reasons. Both are good to do very early in the growing season to promote healthy growth.
  • Paying Attention: Trees should be examined on a regular basis to make sure they are growing in a healthy way. This can also catch soil and pest problems early and make them easier to correct.
  • Consult an Arborist: If you really want to make sure your trees are healthy, call in a professional. Arborists are trained to make tree health care and tree risk assessment decisions and welcome questions.

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