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Tree Care Is Easy With These 3 Tips

Even with regular professional tree care services, sometimes the homeowner has to take tree care into their own hands. Having yearly professional services done will keep the trees in the best condition possible but sometimes they require further care throughout the year like a proper fertilizing and soil schedule. By reading below, homeowners will not only learn about when to fertilize and add soil to trees but the importance of tree pruning and when to call a professional. 

Tree Pruning Made Easy

One of the most important things a homeowner can do for their trees is to have them pruned yearly. When a tree never gets pruned, it can become a dangerous situation. 

Different things could happen, like: 

  • Loose branches hanging could fall and hurt someone
  • Entire branches could break
  • The tree could cause damage to the home
  • Get caught in outside electrical wiring

Tree pruning is important but is something homeowners should never do on their own. Pruning a tree requires knowledge of the tree itself as well as knowledge, experience, and certification to actually accomplish. Homeowners that try to trim their trees on their own not only pose a risk of injury to themselves or damage to their home but injury and damage to someone else or someone else’s home. 

When To Fertilize and Add Soil

Fertilizing and soil will significantly help young trees to grow through the summer months and stay strong and healthy to survive the winters. Of course, homeowners must know what type of trees they have, the type of soil and fertilizer that works best for those trees, as well as the proper time to apply them. 

Typically, with fertilizer, it is best to use it during the spring. This is the time of year when the tree starts to come out of hibernation and will give it a boost to continue growing throughout the warm months. Soil, on the other hand, works best when applied in the fall. The warmth from the soil along with the cool air actually stimulates root growth just before the ground freezes for the winter. It is one of the best ways to protect the tree from freezing temperatures. 

When To Call a Professional 

Homeowners should get on a yearly schedule of tree maintenance with their local professionals. Having tree care services performed yearly will keep the trees in the best health possible and ensure they live long and healthy lives. 

That said, if a homeowner notices something off with their trees, they should call a professional right away. Professionals should always be called just after heavy rainfall, snowfall, or ice if the tree looks compromised in any way. In this circumstance, it is best to try and call a company with emergency services to make sure the tree isn’t a danger to anyone for very long. 

Any Town Tree Is the One To Call

There’s no question that when it is time for tree care help, the homeowners of Naples, FL call the experts at Any Town Tree. They are locally-owned and operated and the homeowners trust their experience. They also use all the high-end equipment to get the job done right. Call today to get on the books!