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Plant health care professionals in Naples, FL help local tree owners recognize and treat serious tree diseases. 

The Root of all Tree Problems

Trees have immune systems to keep them healthy just like humans. When a threat is detected to a tree, the tree will deploy resources to heal itself and prevent complications from occurring. However, just like humans, the defenses of a tree can fail to prevent an illness. When this happens, trees become diseased and can be vulnerable to dying. 

Similar to humans, most infections or diseases occur due to poor overall health. When problems occur in trees, it is usually an indication that the health of the tree is not optimized by its environment. Since bad tree health practices are at the root of most tree diseases, it stands to reason that supplying the tree with good care from professionals is the best way to treat and prevent tree diseases. 

Common Tree Diseases in Naples

  • Canker Disease: Canker diseases result from damage to the bark of a tree. The damage gets infected by fungi and as a result, nutrients can’t flow through the tree and instead cause bulbous, irregular growth. 
  • Fusiform Rust: Fusiform is a fungus that causes die-off in pine needles and branches. It can compromise the structure of a tree and cause it to break more easily. 
  • Butt Rot: Butt rot is another fungus that can attack palms or oaks. It causes trees to die from the inside out. 
  • Oak Tree Decline: Oak tree decline is a complex problem that isn’t fully understood. However, many times the problem results from a fungal infestation. 

What Types of Trees are Vulnerable

The environment can be harsh on trees and cause them stress in a variety of ways. From damage by weather and storms to bad watering practices, all trees and shrubs are vulnerable to diseases. Canker diseases often affect deciduous trees like oaks, maples, and mahoganies. 

Butt rot mainly affects palm trees but isn’t necessarily limited to them. Fusiform rust affects several local varieties of pine. Oak tree decline, depending on the cause, can affect multiple types of oak trees as well as some types of fir trees. 

When are Problems Most Likely to Occur?

In the Naples area, problems are most likely to occur in the rainy season. High humidity and saturated soils are a perfect breeding ground for fungus to grow around tree roots and bark damage. Ensuring adequate drainage is essential for protecting trees as well as following good plant health practices like fertilization and seasonal pruning. 

How to Care for Diseased Trees

Tree diseases can be complex problems that require meticulous and prompt treatment to prevent the spread of disease. When it comes to tree care, hiring a professional for year-round assistance can greatly increase the odds of growing beautiful and healthy trees. An arborist is trained to know how to prevent disease as well as how to treat it. They are also qualified to dispose of diseased trees or trim diseased portions of trees without spreading the problem to surrounding trees. 

For homeowners that notice problems, hiring a professional is the way to go. An arborist can make recommendations that can save diseased trees or they can perform a safe tree removal if the tree is too damaged or if it is in danger of damaging nearby homes. They can even make recommendations about what to plant and where to plant it so that the tree has the greatest chance of success over the generations. 

About Any Town Tree

Any Town Tree is Naples’ premier tree care company. With years of service, they can treat or prevent most diseases from affecting local trees. Call (239) 580-8733 today to get answers and solutions for diseased trees.