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Arborists in Naples, FL explain why do-it-yourself tree pruning is not worth the risk

DIY Tree Pruning is Risky

Pruning trees on your own is very risky, and many people underestimate the dangers associated with this. After all, there is a reason why many people hire arborists to handle tree cutting!

Pruning requires tools that can be very dangerous if not handled properly. And especially when you are trying to trim your trees from high up, this can not only put you in danger, but it can also put your property in danger. Controlling where your tree trimmings fall can be very difficult, especially when you are dealing with large branches.

The last thing you want is to damage your property (or yourself, for that matter) when you could simply call up a tree service company to help you out. The risk-reward tradeoff simply does not make sense.

Improper Tree Pruning Can Lead to Downstream Issues

Even if you successfully prune your trees without getting hurt or damaging your property, you can cause serious long-term issues for your trees. Specifically, over-pruning is a huge issue that can harm your trees and accelerate your need for maintenance in the future.

Typically, you should not prune more than 25-30% of a tree’s foliage per year. Doing excessive pruning can lead to future damage and danger, particularly to the tree canopy. If the canopy is too thin, then other parts of the tree will become much more susceptible to dying off given the excessive light exposure.

Frequent DIY Tree Pruning Mistakes

There are a number of common pruning mistakes that many people make when pruning trees on their own rather than hiring tree pruning services. One, as discussed above, is excessive canopy pruning, which can put a great deal of strain on the rest of the tree. However, there are a number of others as well:

  • Improper timing – there are different times of the year when pruning should be done, as live branches should be cut only during times when the tree is active; however, you can prune dead branches year-round
  • Improper cutting – there is a certain way to cut the trees, so too short or too long of cuts can greatly harm the trees
  • Pruning for the sake of pruning – you should have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve, whether it is simply dead branch removal, better shaping, or anything in between

These are just a few of the many common mistakes that people make when they go-it-alone with tree pruning. The best way to avoid making these mistakes is simply to hire an expert who knows the very best tree pruning practices.

Let Us Help You!

When it comes time for tree pruning, ditch the DIY and let us help you! As a tree service company that prioritizes tree care and quality tree services, we understand what goes into this process from start to finish.

And contrary to what you might think, tree trimming services do not need to be a hassle. We believe in providing efficient, accurate, and high-quality solutions that work for your time and for your budget. We take great pride in our work and in providing the best experiences for each of our customers!

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