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The arborists in Naples, FL want to talk about proper tree watering techniques with homeowners. 

How To Know When To Water a Newly Planted Tree

Most people aren’t aware that newly planted trees require a certain amount of water. If they aren’t getting it from rainwater, then it is crucial that the homeowner is on top of a regular watering schedule. One of the main reasons for this is because it helps to establish a solid root growth system that sets the tone for the tree’s entire life. There is also a chance the newly planted tree could go into shock after transplanting it, which is another reason why newly planted trees need extra care and attention. 

Below is more information on the importance of new tree care, along with dealing with transplant shock and the best watering practices to use. Continue reading to learn more!

The Importance of New Tree Care

New tree care is vital to the health of the tree but it also sets the tone for the rest of the tree’s life. If the tree isn’t properly cared for in the beginning stages of its life, there is a great possibility that the tree might not live as long as it is supposed to. 

Some of the main reasons new tree care is so important are: 

  • Establishes healthy growth 
  • Establishes a healthy root system 
  • Encourages flower growth 
  • Encourages tree safety

Tree safety is so important for homeowners specifically. When the tree isn’t properly cared for, it could lead to the tree growing in an unsafe manner. This could potentially lead to other dangerous events later on in the tree’s life. So, not only is new tree care important for the tree’s health and growth, but it is important for the safety and overall value of the home. 

Transplant Shock

Transplant shock is easily avoidable in new trees but it can also happen just as easily. When homeowners are aware of how to properly care for a new tree, especially in the beginning stages just after transplant, it significantly reduces the chances of the tree suffering from transplant shock. 

Here are a few ways to avoid transplant shock:

  • Transplanting the tree at the perfect time, which the professional will ensure happens
  • Being mindful of the root system during the process
  • Water the tree consistently 
  • If any roots were removed in the process, some top growth should be removed as well 
  • Fertilize the root system to encourage healthy growth

The Best Watering Practices

When it comes to what the homeowner is responsible for after professional transplanting, watering is the most important factor. Newly planted trees should get at least ten gallons of water per watering and should be watered once every one to two weeks. 

The homeowner should try to continue this watering regimen throughout the first year of the tree’s life. For every inch that the tree’s diameter grows, the homeowner should add ten more gallons per watering. So, a tree with a diameter of two inches would need twenty gallons of water per watering. 

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