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Florida tree service professionals inform their customers of a creeping danger to their landscape oaks.

The Complex Problem of Oak Decline

For centuries, the oak tree has stood for strength, wisdom, and perseverance across many parts of western civilization. It has been associated with the king gods Zeus and Odin. Today it is a prized hardwood for building furniture, creating flooring, and other woodwork. Oaks are tall and mature trees that provide long-reaching branches with bountiful shade, perfect for a family picnic.

These trees are hardy and can withstand a great deal, but if one stressor too many come into play a tree may end up in what is known as oak decline.

Oak Decline Defined

Oak decline is the name of a plight and slow but nearly certain death that happens when oak trees in particular are hit with multiple stressors at one time. While these naturally robust trees can usually fend off one stressor such as drought or disease, if another such attack comes along in the same time period, the tree’s health will slowly begin to decline.

In five years or less, the tree will likely be dead. Factors that are involved in oak decline include any of the following:

  • Drought
  • Bacteria
  • Insects
  • Species of Tree
  • Nutrient deficiency

Oak Decline Prevention Strategies

Any reputable tree service company will be glad to hold a consultation with a homeowner regarding landscaping oaks and tree care. They will assist in coming up with an appropriate plan for your tree’s health. The basics are just promoting good health for the tree and providing an environment where the tree can thrive. Steps may include:

  • Soil Testing: An arborist may need to test a client’s soil to create an appropriate plan.
  • Watering: Keeping the tree well hydrated during dry seasons and in generally drier areas will promote growth and health for the tree.
  • Fertilizing: After testing the soil, the tree service company may determine that your soil needs more nutrients.
  • Mulching: This helps retain moisture in the soil and will also function as compost to provide nutrition.
  • Trimming or Pruning: The arborist may advise that the tree would be able to maintain better overall health if a few branches were removed. This tree trimming service will be part of a bigger health strategy.

Warning Signs and Symptoms

There are several hints that point to the early stages of oak decline. Leaves dying off on the tips of branches is usually the first indicator. The leaves tend to come off the top branches and often the top ⅓ is lost. Mushrooms growing at the base of the tree can indicate Armillaria, a fungal root rot. Pests such as the two-lined borer beetle leave a criss-cross pattern of galleries just under the tree bark.

How To Proceed When Oak Decline is Discovered

Consultation with an expert like a certified arborist is key to planning how to deal with an oak in decline. There are 3 ways that a typical tree service company will deal with oak decline:

  1. Treatment for pests: Pesticides or something to repel bugs and the invading fungi may be needed.
  2. Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning: Cutting back the parts that have defoliated and branches that have died may allow the tree to bounce back.
  3. Tree Removal: Unfortunately, saving the tree may not be possible and removal may be necessary. Your arborist can help you find a suitable replacement tree.

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