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Florida-based tree care professionals promote these 5 trees for landscaping in Naples, FL.

These Trees Can Stand the Heat

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, but sometimes it is difficult to know which tree is ideal for a certain area. While the state of Florida is known far and wide for its lush growth of both trees and plants, not everything does well in such a hot and humid environment. The five trees listed below are good standard landscaping trees that will thrive in the Floridian summer.


This flowering tree is often called the “Lilac of the South,” though its origins are in the Asian continent. The spectacular spring blooms of the various crape myrtle cultivars range from bright pink to red to purple. 

They are highly versatile in their soil preferences and are very fast-growing, but can be pruned or trimmed for aesthetic and spatial reasons. They are drought and disease-resistant. Though these trees are very flexible in their soil and moisture preferences, they do prefer full sun.

  • Advantages: Fast-growing, showy blooms, versatile, and easy to trim to a desired shape
  • Disadvantages: Needs full sun, growth is fast and can get out of hand if not monitored

Southern Live Oak

This long-lived and iconic native oak creates a widespread shade and needs lots of room to grow. Its thick branches can create a spread of over 100 feet of shade. It is hardy and does well in most soil types and can begin its growth even in partial shade.  The live oak can even be near the ocean due to its high salt tolerance, although the trees are susceptible to oak wilt. As with any other tree, pruning and watering are essential to the early establishment process.

  • Advantages: Long-lived, great for shade, iconic Southern tree
  • Disadvantages: Large and need lots of room to grow


These smaller, delicate-looking trees are actually quite well equipped to thrive in Florida as well as many other areas. Their white four-petaled blossoms are easy to identify, but they also can have pink or light yellow blooms. They are under canopy trees and do well in dappled sunlight. They prefer moist soil and do not do well in dry conditions. They can be prone to disease and certain fungi.

  • Advantages: Smaller and grows well in a variety of conditions, lovely blooms in spring
  • Disadvantages: Need moist soil and are susceptible to certain diseases

Southern Magnolia

With its large, dark, glossy green leaves and dinner plate-sized white blooms, the magnolia tree is quite a sight to behold. It certainly is a statement tree with a moderate growth rate. They thrive best when they are given full sun and are drought and flood tolerant. Once they are established they can be a source of effortless beauty, especially in the late spring and early summer during peak blooming times.

  • Advantages: Attractive, hardy, beautiful blooms, thrive in a variety of conditions
  • Disadvantages: Needs space

Bald Cypress

Unusual in that it is a deciduous conifer, the bald cypress is native to swampy areas but can be cultivated in drier spots as well. Though the cypress grows slowly it can reach heights exceeding 50 feet, so it needs plenty of room. Its roots tend to protrude like “knees” in wet and swampy conditions, so this is a consideration for planting location as well. 

It is a great habitat for wildlife and often attracts certain birds and reptiles. They are not susceptible to any diseases in particular, but they do prefer to have acidic soil.

  • Advantages:  Good for soil retention, and wildlife, resistant to fungi and disease
  • Disadvantages: Needs a lot of space, has particular soil needs.

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