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When it’s time for a tree professional, Naples, FL residents can trust these professional tips.

Important Information About Arborists

Naples, Florida might not necessarily be known for having a lot of trees like other parts of the country, but homeowners still need trusted tree servicing professionals nonetheless! The truth is, even having one tree to care for can quickly turn into a dangerous situation without the help of a trained and certified professional. When homeowners call a tree servicing company, that is exactly what they get. Arborists do it all, from simple maintenance to eradicating an emergency before expensive damages occur or a bystander gets hurt. They are there when homeowners need them the most.

Continue reading to learn more about what it means to be an arborist.

A Day in the Life of An Arborist

An arborist, which is oftentimes referred to as a tree surgeon, is an expert in arboriculture. Anything and everything tree related, an arborist can handle.

Some of the common services performed by arborists include:

  • Diagnosing and treating diseases
  • Diagnosing and treating pest infestations
  • Treating nutritional deficiencies
  • Pruning
  • Cabling
  • Protection from lightning

It doesn’t stop there though, they are also in charge of consultations and writing reports. From root-to-tip, a professional arborist is the only person to call when a tree needs servicing.

An arborist is trained to properly handle a tree at every stage of life and every possible phase. If homeowners just have questions about the trees in their yard, an arborist will get them the advice they need.

Arborists Vs. Landscapers

It happens quite often that homeowners will confuse landscapers and arborists. In reality, the two professions couldn’t be more different. Not only do they specialize in completely different plants, but one could say one is more left-brain dominant and the other, right. The landscaper is the artist, while the arborist is the surgeon. Two completely respectable fields that serve two completely different purposes.

Common landscaping services include:

  • Planning a layout
  • Planting flowers, shrubs, bushes, etc.
  • Removal of flowers and other plants
  • Trimming the lawn
  • Removing all weeds

When something grows wrong with a tree, that is when an arborist will best serve the situation. Even if the tree just needs to be trimmed or pruned, it is still a job best suited for an arborist.

It should be said that a homeowner should never try to trim or prune a tree themselves. It is a dangerous job that requires lots of training and studying first.

Why Homeowners Should Hire An Arborist

As mentioned above, safety is the number one reason to always hire a professional before trying to do anything to a tree. Even if the tree isn’t fully matured yet, it can still cause great damage and pain.

In the end, an arborist will save homeowners money in damages, medical bills, and the overall progression of the life of the tree. A tree that is well-maintained is a tree that will grow to live a long and healthy life with little issues or emergency situations.

Any Town Tree Keeps Trees Strong and Healthy

When the trees on a homeowner’s property need servicing, the Naples residents trust the professionals at Any Town Tree. they are the trained, insured, and experienced professionals that not only get the job done safely but efficiently. Call today to schedule!