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Arborists in Naples share tips with home and business owners about how to care for their trees over the winter.

Trimming and pruning trees on a residential or commercial property is a necessary step to proper tree care and landscaping. But, deciding when to do the job can be a confusing process. Landscaping companies and information on the internet are rife with recommendations about when to trim certain species and why. However, a certified arborist will always recommend trimming any type of tree during the winter.

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

There are a lot of reasons why one might choose to have their trees trimmed. Maybe a large tree is encroaching on a structure or maybe a homeowner likes their ornamental trees trimmed to a more appealing shape. Regardless of the reason why people choose to trim their trees, there are numerous benefits to keeping trees under control, including:

  • Remove dead branches
  • Enhance the shape of the tree or bush
  • Induce more vigorous flowering or fruiting
  • Increase light exposure to branches
  • Decrease chances of fungal infections
  • Allows more air to circulate among the internal structure of the tree

By taking care of trees with routine trimming, trees become more beautiful and healthier.

Why Trim and Prune Trees in the Winter

There’s always a lot of misinformation about what season is best to trim trees. Some trees or shrubs will respond fine to trimming during the warmer seasons but the general rule is that any plant should be trimmed during its dormant period in the winter. Some of the reasons why include:

  • It’s Better for the Tree: The main reason that tree companies recommend trimming and pruning in the winter is that the tree is dormant. That means that the tree is not using energy to grow. Trimming in the winter takes away the threat of infection at a cut and it means the tree is not wasting energy to grow branches that are scheduled for removal.
  • It’s Safer for the Tree Crews: Tree crews are trained to work safely in harsh conditions but it’s always better if hazards can be removed. Being able to access a tree’s structure without leaves and foliage in the way makes their job easier and safer.
  • Enjoy More Beautiful Springs: When branches are removed from trees and shrubs, there is less canopy that needs to be supplied with nutrients. This leaves excess nutrients that flow through the trees during the spring. These excess nutrients induce more vigorous spring growth resulting in stronger flowering and greener foliage.
  • It’s Easier on the Landscape: Often during tree trimming, branches fall onto turfgrass or other ornamentals and equipment can damage actively growing grass. While tree crews do their best to minimize damage to other plants, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Just like with trees, other landscaping features are dormant in the winter, so sustaining a little damage in the winter is no big deal; they’ll be fine once spring comes.

Trimming during the winter protects the tree and the surrounding landscape. Generally, the only pruning that is done during the warm season is emergency trimming and removal of dead limbs since their presence becomes more obvious when branches put out leaves.

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