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3 Old Tree Myths Debunked

Shockingly enough, there are even old myths in the tree servicing industry. They could be looked at as old tips and stories that got passed down incorrectly. Regardless of their origins, there are many tree myths that homeowners believe to be factual so, it’s time they got debunked!

Tree Steaks Are Essential

There are only two circumstances when a tree requires steaks:

  • Within the first year of growth
  • During strong winds

Still, even during strong winds, most adult trees don’t require steaks. It all depends on how small the adult tree is and how forceful the wind is. For the most part, however, steaks are not essential for trees. They can provide great benefits when needed, but they aren’t always needed which makes them non-essential.

The important thing is to remember to remove the steaks when they are no longer needed. Otherwise, it can lead to root girdling, which affects the health and life of the tree. They can even weaken the tree overall by not allowing it to sway in the wind. Some natural swaying is good because it ensures the roots grow stronger to compensate.

Removing a Tree Will Prevent Allergies

While this can be seen as partly true, the way it is worded makes it a myth. It is impossible for tree removal to prevent allergies. The blooming tree might not be in the homeowner’s yard anymore but pollen carries for miles depending on the day. It is nearly impossible to remove allergy symptoms simply by removing a tree in the front yard.

That said, there is a chance that the homeowner can reduce their allergies by doing this. However, they can achieve the same relief by trimming the tree when it starts to bloom. The homeowner might not get to see the pretty flowers each spring, but they will get to keep the tree in their yard and potentially reduce their allergies.

Trees Love Water

More trees die from drowning than they do from drought, and nearly any arborist can attest to this. The amount of water that a tree needs is dependent on a few factors:

  • The current climate
  • The tree’s age
  • The tree type

Younger trees may need to be watered by the homeowner more often than adult trees. The only time an adult tree needs to be hand-watered is when it experiences hot, dry temperatures for an extended period of time. When the weather is exceptionally hot, trees typically need about 10 gallons of water a week. That is why it is also important to keep track of the weekly rain consumption. In most areas, the rain takes care of all the watering a tree needs.

Any Town Tree Is the One To Call

Myths like these are exactly why homeowners should always work with a professional tree service. Any Town Tree is the complete tree servicing company in Naples, FL that puts their customers’ safety and cares first. They are locally-owned and operated and offer reasonable pricing. No matter the tree service, they do it all. They even do free estimates! Call Today!