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Naples, FL arborists want to talk about tree facts with homeowners. 

3 Trees Homeowners Need To Impress Naples Realtors 

If homeowners are currently in the market to sell their home or know they will one day want to sell, there are three trees that could make their experience immensely easier. Realtors in Naples, FL understand the market and know what homebuyers are looking for when it comes to outdoor landscaping. There are three trees in particular that could make selling the home a lot easier and potentially get the homeowner more money in the end as well. It is important that homeowners know a little about each tree too, so they know what they are buying and how to take care of it so it looks beautiful on their lawn. 

After all, planting trees is one thing but if they aren’t taken care of, it will lead to a rather large eyesore on their property and actually hurt them in the selling market. Continue reading to learn all about the three trees and how to care for them. 

1. The Satin Leaf Tree 

The Satin Leaf tree is considered a medium tree with a narrow top that spreads out when in the sun. These trees have beautiful, thick, small, dark-green leaves on them. They have a straight trunk and are beautiful for any yard or closer to the home. 

Some Satin Leaf care tips include: 

  • Plant in direct sunlight 
  • Mulch beneath the tree
  • They like breathable soil
  • They love water!

These trees might love water but they can withstand the occasional drought, so don’t get too bent out of shape if it goes without water for a little while. 

2. The Pigeon Plum 

Native to southern Florida, this tree produces an edible plum that can be eaten raw or made into a jelly or wine. This tree has a larger top on it than the Satin Leaf but is still considered a medium tree. Homeowners can plant them closer to the home or out in the yard. 

Care tips for this tree include: 

  • They are good in full or partial sunlight 
  • Great salt tolerance
  • It likes moist, well-drained soil

One downside to this tree is, in fact, the fruit. The plums fall off of the tree and can cover sidewalks and streets. Some people do not want something like this close to their house or walkways. It can also make mowing the lawn more difficult. 

3. The Royal Palm

Unlike the others, the Royal Palm tree is rather large in stature. Homeowners with large properties will want this tree because it adds elegance or regalness to the property. However, on smaller lots, the trees can look stuffed and end up bringing down the value of the home! 

Here’s how to care of a Royal Palm:

  • Moderately drought tolerant
  • Thrive in moist environments 
  • Need full sunlight to thrive 
  • Require a lot of room! 

Any Town Tree Is the One Homeowners Need

Tree care in Naples, FL is important. That is why homeowners call Any Town Tree for all of their tree service needs. This company works hard to always provide the best service and customer service for their customers. They understand how important tree health care is, so they are always happy to help! For impeccable tree service in Naples, call today!