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Any Town Tree in Naples helps home and business owners protect their property and guests with advice about tree care.

Trees add value wherever they are present. Trees provide clean air, a beautiful aesthetic, and a habitat for birds and animals. Apart from their intangible benefits, they also add financial benefits like increased property values and a reduction in utility bills from blocking winter winds and summer sunshine.

With all of the benefits that come with having trees, owning a lot with lots of trees can also carry with it the potential for damage. As a tree owner, it is important that you know the hazards that trees can present and that you are empowered to take action to protect the trees and your property.

Dangers that Trees can Pose

Trees are prized for the value and beauty that they add to an outdoor space but unfortunately, that value comes with some risks. Large trees can encroach on structures and falling limbs can imperil people and objects in their vicinity. Some of the specific things to look out for if you own trees are risks like:

  • Roof damage
  • Foundation or structural damage
  • Power outage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Injury
  • Blocked access and egress

As the owner of the property, the liability rests on you for your trees and the damage they can cause. Take some time and inspect your trees to see if they have any impending issues. If you have concerns, call for help from a certified tree service company.

Steps to Take to Prevent Damage

Owning property with trees takes some routine work to make sure that your trees stay healthy. Healthy trees are expected to live longer and perform better as well as being safer for your family or guests. Here are a few actions you can take to ensure your trees are safe:

  • Tree Removal: Removing trees is sometimes the best option to prevent them from damaging your property. The limbs of trees can grow too close to your home, obstruct views, and damage foundations with their roots.
  • Trimming: For trees that are close to a structure but not so close that it presents a danger, trimming the tree is the best alternative. Trimming the tree can remove unwanted limbs that pose threats while preserving the tree for your enjoyment.
  • Tree Health Care: When trees are stressed they can develop problems like insect infestations and illnesses. Tree health care aims at using techniques like fertilizer and soil amendments to make trees grow stronger.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: To know if a tree is a threat, sometimes it takes the eye of a trained professional. With tree risk assessments, property owners can get the opinion of a trained arborist about the dangers that their trees might pose.

How We Can Help

At Any Town Tree, we serve our customers in the Naples area with excellent, affordable service. We use only the best available equipment to keep our workers and your property safe from the hazards that tree service can pose. Call (239) 580-8733 for an estimate from one of our certified arborists and keep your family and guests safe while also protecting your trees.