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Florida-based tree service experts talk about trees that provide shade and love Florida weather.

Naples Yards Love These Trees For Shade

The Florida sun is known for its strength and the heat that comes with it. Shade trees are the perfect answer to the blazing heat of Florida summers and the strong sun of Florida winters. Trees with good shade can even improve property values. This article will be a list of different kinds of trees that do well in this climate and how to care for them. Remember to consult with an arborist to get the best ideas for your yard.

Large Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are, of course, those trees that shed their leaves in the fall and winter. There are many choices that will do well in this state, and several of the ones suggested here are native to the area.  These trees provide excellent shade during the summer when a break from the heat is most needed.

  • Bald Cypress: So named because it loses its leaves unlike its other cypress cousins, the bald cypress is native to the Atlantic coast and the swampy areas of the South. They grow well in moist soil.
  • Maple: Several varieties of this popular tree thrive in this area, including red maple, silver maple, and sugar maple.
  • Sycamore: The sycamore is a very large tree with attractive peeling bark and large leaves that are excellent for shade. They need a larger area for their sprawling root system.

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees account for more than just the pines and fir trees that you typically associate with the term. There are several evergreen trees that actually grow very well in Florida and provide good shade as opposed to a pyramid shape. Some of them are listed below.

  • Live Oak: This particular tree is deeply rooted in the imagery of the South, often seen covered in Spanish Moss. The canopies of these trees spread wide, providing ample shade, but they need plenty of room to grow.
  • Southern Magnolia: With beautiful white flowers and glossy dark green leaves, the Southern Magnolia is a great choice for aesthetics as well as shade. They grow well in a variety of different soils and sunlight levels.

Showy Choices

If you are looking for a tree that, like the magnolia listed above, is both good for shade and has special visual appeal, then the trees listed below are definitely worth a look.

  • Weeping Willow: The tree is known to have trailing, vine-like branches that drag the ground if they are not trimmed back. They spread much wider than they are tall and their silhouette is easy to recognize.
  • Autumn Blaze Maple: This brilliantly colored hybrid of the red maple and the silver maple has autumn foliage that is beyond compare. It is as easy to care for as other maples and is a lovely choice as a specimen tree.
  • Crape Myrtle: Though most crape myrtles are more like bushes, they can be tall and spread out as shade trees. They have lovely flowers in the spring that range from reddish to dark purple.

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