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Learning All About Arborists 

Arborists are important professionals to have around as a homeowner in Naples, FL. for those that have trees on their property, an arborist will keep them and their homes safe with regular tree health care. Most people aren’t aware of what an arborist does, though. So, they don’t know when to call an expert for help because they aren’t sure of what qualifies. Typically, anything with a tree should be done by a professional because they are trained and can handle the situation as safely as possible. 

Trees can become dangerous creatures in no time at all, so professional tree service is a good thing to have on-call when needed. Below is all the information homeowners need about a professional tree service company near them. 

The Top Tools Arborists Use 

The life of an arborist is one of risks and danger. They are very much like tree doctors of sorts with everything that is required of them. It goes far beyond tree removal services. It is about tree health, which requires a knowledge of tree physics and biology. It also requires specific tools to get the job done right. 

Here is a list of the common tools found in an arborist’s toolbox: 

  • Cutting tools: Things like pole saws, hand saws, pruners, hand pruners, tree loppers, hedge trimmers, axes, hatchets, and chainsaws. 
  • Climbing tools: Things like saddles, helmets, radios, gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, straps, and spurs. 
  • Rigging tools: Things like friction breaks, slings, blocks and pulleys, carabiners, rigging plates, power pullers, winches, lots of rope, rigging thimbles, cable hoists, ring slings, steel rings, and swivels. 

More About the Tools 

As mentioned above, arborist tools are used for three categories:

  • Cutting
  • Climbing
  • Rigging 

Aside from this, there are also safety tools like saw-protection clothing, eye protection, gloves, and even rope. 

Essentially, the climbing tools are used to hoist up the professionals and keep them hanging safely in the tree while they work. Rigging tools are used for a lot of things but arborists rely on these tools a lot to lower limbs safely to the ground and add support to the tree if need be. 

The cutting tools are pretty self-explanatory. Almost all of these tools are really sharp and used to cut different things on trees and shrubs. These tools might be the sharpest in the arborist toolbox but they aren’t necessarily the most dangerous! If the climbing gear or rigging tools aren’t working properly, it could lead to an incredibly dangerous situation for everyone involved, including the tree and the home! 

Arborist Training and Safety 

Becoming an arborist requires a formal education as well as practical experience on the job. Anyone interested in being an arborist will have to search for an arboriculture program. Some tree service companies even require workers to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in horticulture or forestry. Otherwise, an equivalent of work experience is required before hiring. 

Safety is one of the most important aspects of being an arborist. Without safety as a number one priority, the job cannot happen. Every arborist must know all of the safety regulations and ensure that all of their tools work properly before going on any job. 

The work of an arborist puts not only themselves but homeowners, neighbors, homes, and other lives at risk! That is also why it is so important to always hire a professional when dealing with tree or plant issues. The professionals will get the job done efficiently and safely. 

Any Town Tree Keeps People Safe

Any town Tree is the tree service company in Naples, FL that homeowners depend on for all of their tree care needs. They will perform a tree risk assessment, tree pruning, or whatever else the homeowner needs to ensure their trees are healthy and safe from dangerous situations. Their expertise is unmatched. Call today to schedule!