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Tree Care Experts From Naples, FL Discuss How Making These Common Tree Pruning Mistakes Can Lead to Tree Disease and Tree Removal 

Not Hiring a Tree Service Company for Pruning Can Cost You 

Why is hiring a professional arborist for tree pruning recommended? Some homeowners may attempt to take care of all of their tree care needs themselves. However, this may end up hurting them in the long run if their tree health declines and tree removal is necessary. Tree disease can be spread by improper tree pruning practices. To prevent the spread of disease in between trees, sometimes tree removal is necessary. 

To protect the tree health of the property’s landscape, homeowners should always hire an experienced arborist for help during tree pruning season. Arborists are trained in the art of tree trimming. They have the right tools and expertise to get the job done right without hurting the tree. During tree service with an arborist, the tree service company will also have a chance to do a tree risk assessment to check for signs of plant health care problems. 

Not Using the Right Tools for Tree Trimming

Tree pruning requires very sharp shears that are made especially for pruning. Without the right shears, it can be very hard to create a clean branch cut. Dull shears could take multiple attempts to successfully cut through a branch, and the result is an uneven and jagged injury that takes longer to heal. The best tree trimming technique for tree health care is to use very sharp shears and make clean cuts at least an inch away from the base of the branch. 

Cutting too close to the base of the branch, called the branch collar, can lead to a slower healing injury that bleeds a lot of sap. Using sharp shears and thoughtful placement of the cuts is important for preventing a lot of sap from oozing out. Sap attracts insects that could infest the tree. 

Not Practicing Sanitation 

To protect trees from the spread of tree disease, the shears need to be cleaned in between trimming trees. There are fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can be spread from tree to tree via the shears. Cleaning the shears with alcohol in between trees helps to prevent the spread of tree disease. Gloves should also be worn while pruning. 

Another important step for preventing the spread of tree disease is cleaning up the fallen branches after they have been trimmed. Skipping the clean-up can make the trees sick because the piles of fallen branches are perfect breeding grounds for fungi, bacteria, and insects. The pruned branches should be picked up by neighborhood yard trash removal or otherwise disposed of by the homeowner. 

Not Tree Trimming During the Right Time of Year 

Each species of tree requires specialized tree health care. For fruit trees, pruning can be especially important because trimming the branches too early or late could ruin the chances of fruit production for the whole season. Another thing to keep in mind about the right time to prune trees is that sap production from tree pruning could attract seasonal insects. For most trees, the best time to prune is from late winter to early spring. 

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