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Tree servicing professionals have information about shearing that Naples, FL locals need to know!

The Facts of Shearing Vs. Pruning

Tree health is more important than most people might think. This is especially true for those with more than one tree in their yard. They don’t take a lot of daily attention or maintenance, but a neglected tree will quickly turn into an overall safety hazard. When it comes to maintenance and trimming trees, arborists have multiple different servicing options available, but two popular services are shearing and pruning. The two services seem very much the same when in reality, they are quite different. It is important that Naples residents know the difference between shearing and pruning because some trees prefer one service over the other.

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Information About Shearing

There are many different ways to maintain a tree, from trimming and pruning to shearing and topping. They all sound rather similar but are inherently different when it comes down to it.

Shearing is usually done with an electric trimmer of some sort. The arborist essentially goes over the entire outer layer and trims everything down. There are certain instances when it is necessary, including:

  • The tree suffers from infection or disease
  • The branches pose a safety risk
  • Parts of the tree are dead

Sometimes, a homeowner will have the trees in the yard trimmed this way specifically for aesthetic reasons because shearing encourages strong outer growth of the tree or shrub. In other words, the act of saving the tree from disease also helps to restore the cosmetical appeal.

Key Reasons Trimming and Pruning Are Different

Shearing provides the homeowner with an overall even and balanced growth pattern. The homeowners that are looking for a more “put together” look will enjoy this type of trimming. pruning, on the other hand, encourages the tree’s natural growth pattern to shine through.

In turn, the inner layers get just as much sun as the outer layers. The key difference between shearing and pruning is that pruning only targets the dead or dying parts of the tree. This process is a lot slower and provides a much different result than shearing.

There are some circumstances when pruning is necessary over shearing and vice versa, but for the most part, it really depends on the homeowner’s personal preference.

Some benefits of pruning include:

  • Deters pests
  • Promotes overall healthy growth patterns
  • Ensures the tree’s structural integrity
  • A safer tree overall

The Trees That Benefit Most From Shearing

Before shearing the trees on their property, the homeowner must first know what type of trees are in their yard. There are certain trees that don’t benefit as much from shearing. Specifically, trees with really dense growth patterns won’t benefit as much because the inner layers of the tree won’t reach the sunlight.

That said, more resilient species of trees do the best with shearing. Evergreen trees are a great example of this. They also have needles all the way down the trunk, unlike most other trees. The pyramid-like growth pattern of the evergreen needles works well with shearing because regardless, all parts of the tree will still reach the sunlight. If anything, the inner layer towards the bottom of the tree could potentially still suffer if the outer layer is too dense, but most of the time shearing is the preferred trimming method for evergreens.

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