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Florida-based tree service experts advise protecting your property value by keeping your trees properly trimmed.

Healthy Trees Increase Curb Appeal and Home Safety

Trees are an important part of almost every type of landscape, especially in this green semi-tropical state of Florida.  Trees help keep this area as beautiful as it is. Even though trees can live for over a hundred years with little or no attention from people, trees need tree health care, too, especially in more urban and suburban areas. That’s where a reputable local tree service company can help. Not only do the pros keep your trees healthy, but they can also improve the look and value of your property.

Curb Appeal

Keeping your landscaping trees properly trimmed makes a yard look neat and ordered. Tree pruning also makes the trees grow healthier and improves the tree’s ability to produce flowers and fruit. This means that in any season your trees will be looking their best. Here is a summary of how well kempt  landscaping increases curb appeal:

  • Improves view of the home
  • Improves view from the home
  • Make the yard look neat and orderly
  • Puts sunlight and shade in the right places for both inside and outside
  • Helps conserve energy through shading

Tree Health and Home Safety

It may surprise you that sometimes home insurance will not cover damage that has been done by a tree. If the tree has not been trimmed or pruned and has been noted as a hazard, the homeowner will likely be left to foot the repair bill. This is another reason to keep up with professional maintenance. Proper pruning promotes growth in both the branches and the roots, creating a stronger and healthier tree. This also protects the property and the household from damage and injury. Tree health care makes the tree’s life better and longer and protects what you care about.

  • Improved Flowering and Fruiting: A healthy tree without overgrowth will produce more flowers in spring and therefore more fruit in the summer and fall.
  • Removes Dead Branches Safely: Removing dead branches or even whole tree removal in a controlled way prevents damage and can save surrounding trees.
  • Prevents Pests: Bugs that feed on dead wood can cause real problems for a tree, injuring it and making it susceptible to disease.
  • Prevents Tree Disease: A well-cared-for tree is less likely to develop a fungal infection. If it happens it will be noticed in time to treat it.
  • Makes Healthier Stronger Trees: Trees will be more stable and live longer to grace your yard when they are managed properly.

Why Call the Professionals?

You may ask, “Why can’t I just save money and do tree trimming or tree pruning myself?” It would be possible, but most homeowners do not have the proper training and may over-trim. This can be detrimental to the tree and leave it exposed to all the things you wanted to avoid. A certified arborist can also perform a tree risk assessment to know the best way to deal with the tree and can diagnose any problems it has with pests or diseases.

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