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Florida tree service professionals know that trees actually do make a difference in home value.

What Can Trees Do For Property Value?

Trees are the most long-lived things on the whole planet. The oldest tree in the world is a bristlecone pine nicknamed Methuselah and is thought to be nearly 5000 years old. In other words, trees make a lasting impact, not just on human life, but on the land surrounding them. Because of their age and stability, they become central to animal and plant habitats alike. They can make just as big an impact on your property. This article will share the benefits of having healthy trees on the appearance and value of residential properties.

Why We Need Them: The Economic and Societal Impact of Neighborhood Trees

Trees do more than just provide food for local animals and look pretty during the fall season. They are vital to human existence. There are many benefits to having trees even in urban areas. These include not only physical and practical benefits but social benefits as well.

These are included in the following list:

  • Natural Filters: Every student of elementary science can tell you that trees absorb CO and release O. Some plants are also capable of removing other pollutants from the air. This improves air quality and the overall health of a community.
  • Energy Savers: Trees near homes can provide shade and protection from wind. This means they can decrease energy usage for temperature regulation. Homeowners can save between 5 and 30% in energy costs.
  • Creates Community: Areas with trees seem to have a better sense of community and domestic violence is less prevalent.
  • Boosts Home Value: A home with healthy mature trees may sell for as much as $10,000 more than houses without trees.

Are There Specific Trees That Boost Home Value?

The simple answer to this question is it depends on the situation. Generally, there are no trees that in and of themselves increase a home’s value.

There are several factors that do contribute to a tree’s impact on the value of the property.

  • Mature, healthy trees help increase property value.
  • Trees that provide shade, but have been trimmed back from the roof, are valuable.
  • Natural privacy hedges and windbreaks can increase property value.
  • Trees farther away from the home than 15 feet are an asset rather than a liability.

Trees that grow well in our area of the country include magnolias, crape myrtles, live oaks, and loblolly pines.

Call In the Tree Health Care Pros

No matter what tree you choose for your yard, consulting an arborist for tree care is a must. Tree service professionals are there for consultation and landscaping as much as they are there for tree risk assessment and tree removal. Tree pruning and tree trimming are among the jobs that go into caring for trees and yards, but tree health is about knowing what a tree needs and not just whacking branches off to prevent roof damage. Consult with an arborist to see how you can improve your property’s value through landscaping.

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