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Tree service professionals want their customers and their trees to be safe during hurricane season.

Make Sure You Are Prepared For Storm Season

As anyone who lives in this area knows, tropical storms are no laughing matter. It is something you have to prepare for on a yearly basis and make sure that everything is in place, because the warning may not come quickly enough. Especially when it comes to your yard and home, planning and preparation need to be done far in advance. This article will go over the essentials of preparation for trees and yards as hurricane season approaches.

Tree Preparation: Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree limbs can be serious hazards in the high winds and torrential rains that come with tropical storms and hurricanes. They can cause damage not only to the trees themselves, but also to homes and any other property.

Ways to prevent damage to trees and to property from tree limbs are included in the list below.

  • Trim Limbs: Limbs should be trimmed back from the home. This prevents them from scraping against the home or breaking windows.
  • Prune Overcrowding: Make sure that limbs are not overcrowded and that the air can flow freely and the branches will not  rub together.
  • Remove Dead Branches: These are more likely to do damage or be yanked from the tree in case of a storm.
  • Remove Limbs and Other Organic Waste: Make sure that everything that is cut off the tree is disposed of properly so that it does not cause hazard.
  • Remember Timing: Trimming between December and April (late fall through early spring) is the best time for both the health of the plants and for hurricane preparation.

A reputable tree service company can help you with any of these steps. They can also assist you with tree disease and tree removal.

Yard Preparation

The yard preparation is just as important preparing the house for an incoming storm.  Anything that is in the yard that is not attached to the ground(and sometimes those things that are) can become a dangerous projectile. Yard prep involves several steps.

The most necessary steps are in the following list:

  • Move lawn furniture inside.
  • Move potted plants inside.
  • Clear the rain gutters

Once a storm has been named all yard work should be done. No more cutting or trimming; it is time to move things inside and prepare the home for possible arrival.

Other Essentials

It is important to have a clear plan in the case of a tropical storm or hurricane.Make a hurricane kit and make sure that items are fully charged and functional before the season starts. Be sure to have contingency plans for power loss and in case the family gets separated. Having a plan for pets and those with special needs is absolutely necessary. Install hurricane shutters or boards to cover windows. Hurricane season can be scary, but if you start preparation, you can be ready when it hits.

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