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Make your yard a bit more exotic with one of these hardy palms, say Florida-based tree service professionals.

5 Palm Trees that Will Thrive in Your South Florida Yard

There are a large variety of palm trees and many of them do well in the mild Florida winters. The palms on this particular list are highly suited to the humidity and temperatures of South Florida. They are also easy to take care of and are a disease-resistant bunch. Fall is a great time to plant trees, so consult an arborist about whether or not any of these will go well in your space.

Areca Palms

Though areca palms can be planted outside in this area of the country, they are popular elsewhere as houseplants. This is partially due to their great air filtering properties. They are great for carbon dioxide absorption and filter other forms of pollution as well. They have lovely ornamental flowers and orange fruits that are aesthetically pleasing but inedible. They do tend to need a lot of fertilizer and are sensitive to overwatering. They like moist soil but need good drainage.

Christmas Palm

The Christmas Palm is so named due to its bright red fruit ripening in December, making it look very festive like a Christmas tree. The other name for the tree is Manila palm. Like most palms, it does not branch and grows a single thin, brown trunk. Its fronds spread between 5 and 8 feet wide. This hardy tree is disease and drought-resistant but cannot survive the cold, only doing well in hardiness zones 10b -11. Due to their narrow growth, they can be planted close together for a natural and attractive privacy screen.

Jelly Palm

The jelly palm is a squat-looking palm that has an unusually thick brown trunk.  It is named because the fruits of the palm are high in pectin, a natural chemical that aids in the thickening of fruit jellies. They flower in a variety of colors including red, yellow, and white and their fronds are delicate and feathery looking. 

Though they look squat, they can grow up to 20 feet tall and are another palm that makes a nice natural screen when planted in groups. They are very cold hardy, surviving as far north as zone 8.

Pygmy Date Palm

This smaller shrub-like palm tree, a native plant of southeastern Asia,  has a hairy brown trunk and long palm fronds. It produces edible dates and does well in containers or pots indoors. Though it is only hardy in zones 9b-11, the pygmy date palm does well in almost any kind of sunlight, full, partial, or shade. It needs well-drained soil and potassium-rich soil.

Windmill palm

The Windmill palm has large fan-shaped fronds that seem to grow in a spiral giving it an asymmetrical appearance that has its own charm. It is a very tall, evergreen palm that can fit in narrow places despite its height and can be planted in rows or clusters for great visual appeal. They are very hardy and grow well in hardiness zones 8 and above. 

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