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Florida tree removal specialists share why tree risk assessment is a necessity.

How to Determine Whether or Not a Tree Can Be Saved

Because trees live for such a long time, people sometimes become as attached to them as they do to buildings. The love of trees is deeply rooted in many cultures and if we look back far enough, all people can find a connection with trees. They are essential to our lives in a very real, physical, and practical sense.  When disease infects, a pest infests, or a storm strikes it can cause serious damage to trees.

If you feel that one of the trees in your yard may be in danger, a tree risk assessment by a certified arborist can determine what the best course of action is.

When there is a Chance of Survival

While there are many factors that can affect tree survival, there are clear signs that a tree will survive damage or disease. These indicators are included in the following list:

  • Age: If the tree is very young, the likelihood of recovery is high.
  • Crown: A tree gets most of its nutrients via the leaves at its top. If most of the crown is still intact, recovery is likely.
  • Area Affected: If only one major branch is affected, or even a few on a mature and otherwise healthy tree.
  • Catching Infection/Infestation Early: A tree disease or a pest infestation does not signal the end of the tree if it is caught early. Treatments are available in these situations.

Do not dismiss a tree as a complete loss without consulting a professional tree expert.

Indicators That Tree Death is Inevitable

Sometimes there is nothing that can be done for a tree that is at the end of its life. A tree service company may be able to present options for tree removal and address any other safety concerns. Here are some signs that your tree is unsalvageable:

  • Split or splintered trunk
  • Rotten interior trunk
  • Loss of more than 50% of the crown
  • Loss of most large branches

While it is often a tragedy when a tree is lost, with the help of a certified arborist the proper decisions can be made.

Seek Out an Arborist for a Full Assessment

Whether it is emergency tree service after a storm or a tree trimming that has been waiting for a while to get done, calling the professionals is always the wisest and safest choice. Attempting to trim or remove a damaged tree with the proper equipment is very dangerous both to the homeowner and to the property. The tree may suffer needless damage as well if a person doesn’t know what they are doing.

Arborists know what to look for when assessing a tree for damage or decay. They also have highly specialized equipment to remove trees without damaging anything else on the property such as the home itself or power lines.  You as the homeowner can rest confidently in the knowledge that your home and landscaping are in reliable hands.

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