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How To Recognize Illness

Tree illness is like a plague – if one tree is sick, it’s likely that the surrounding trees are going to get sick as well. A sick tree doesn’t always show itself right away. It could give subtle signs that something’s wrong such as breaking branches, dead branches, deformed leaves, fungus growth around the tree trunk, and more.

If a dead tree is suspected, it’s important that a professional arborist or tree trimming service is called to assess the tree and the surrounding trees. They can quickly and efficiently remove the tree to avoid spreading illness.

The Growth of Fungus

Fungus growth is a good thing when it comes to wood piles, healthy landscapes, and garden soil, but it’s not good when homeowners see fungus growing around tree trunks and roots. If this is noticed, it’s important that the tree is removed right away to avoid spreading the fungus. If the fungus is on the root, this is root rot and if it’s on the trunk, it means there’s rot somewhere within the tree.

Fungus can be spread by spores released by the wind, splashing water, and rain. The only way to treat the tree is to prevent the fungal infection in the first place. However, if this can’t be accomplished, the tree has to be chopped down.

How Do Roots Invade Property?

Root invasion is another reason to have a professional service contacted. It’s not only a hazard to other trees, but it’s a hazard to the property and humans. The tree roots that grow outside of the ground pose a risk to sidewalks, streets, and even septic lines. It can cause more money to repair the surrounding area than it would to have a tree trimming company called.

Exposed roots can pose a risk for tripping, especially for children and the elderly. They grow out of the ground and make their way across properties. Not only that, but they can become entangled in other tree roots.

Not Enough Space

Space is a huge issue for trees. If a tree doesn’t have the proper amount of space around it, it’s not going to get enough air circulation or nutrients. When a tree doesn’t have enough air circulation, it can create fungal issues. Once the fungus spreads, the tree will die. This means that the tree or even the surrounding trees will need to be cut down.

Other Illness Factors

Lastly, storm damage is another reason why trees would need to be removed. During heavy winds, trees can be uprooted, broken, and damaged. When this happens, they are a hazard to the surrounding environment and population. It could lead to falling branches and more. It’s important that a professional is called to remove the hazard.

If a tree has been damaged and is beginning to die, homeowners may notice cracks from frost during the cold months, salt damage, branch damage, black leaves, and more.

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